When You Arrive

Our church will do well to greet you and befriend you as soon as you walk through the doors.  You may be asked if this is your first time gathering with Grayson Bible Baptist Church.  If so, please be kind enough to let us know.  We want to thank you for coming, and our pastor would like the opportunity to meet you personally. Filling out one of our guest cards will help us in this endeavor. 

Our Services

Our services start right on time, so come early for a great seat!  We typically begin the services with a song of praise and then we pray asking the Lord to meet with us like only He can.  After that we will usually have more singing followed by an engaging message from Scripture.  You will be encouraged to worship the Lord with your heart, mind, and soul.  After the preaching there will be an opportunity for reflection and prayer.  This is a chance for those who were touched by the preaching to respond.  Do not feel pressured to come forward.  You can respond right at your seat. 

Service Style

It is our sincere hope that our services are always full of life.  Life is not found in the trends of the culture or in the traditions of the past.   Life is found in Jesus. Therefore our focus with regard to the music we enjoy, the messages we preach, and the lessons we teach is not trendiness or traditionalism.  Our focus is Jesus. Our desire is to lift Him up in all we do.  We are not interested in dull and drab, lifeless services, nor are we interested in entertaining anyone or keeping up with modern trends.  If you are looking for a service style and format that would be described as traditional or trendy then you may not get what you are looking for.  If you are interested in services that are full of life then you will fit right in.  We are interested in life, and abundant life at that. 

What to Wear

There is no dress code at Grayson Bible Baptist Church.  Our leaders will be dressed in a more formal or traditional attire, but our desire is for you to focus more on what is taking place than on what you are wearing.  Please relax, and come let us be a friend to you.